Friday, November 19, 2010

A few little updates

Nothing much really but...

Camy is now sitting up on her own, a few days shy of being 5 months old. She also almost goes from her belly to sitting and crawls backwards a little bit. She's almost 16 pounds & growing SO fast!! Everyone always comments on how happy of a baby she is.

Connor is... a 2 year old boy. He's so tempermental, into everything, stubborn, creative, imaginative, talkative!! We had to take him out of school for financial reasons, but he doesn't seem to mind. He always just told us about how much he cried when we dropped him off at school, so maybe he wasn't ready yet. He surprised me the other day & counted to 9 all by 'self'. He knows Happy Birthday now & sings it when asked.

PLUMP is still doing well. I'm working on mostly customs, trying to get my massive waitlist pared down before tax season.

We are CLEANING the house, preparing to host Thanksgiving next week. Crazy for a couple that doesn't like to cook. We've been cooking crazy lately though, raspberry pie the last two nights (Brian says the best pie he's ever had, seriously), Pot Roast, Drop bisquits & Apple dumplings tonight. No wonder we're fat. :D

Ohh, we also just had our first family trip to the sequoias, to see General Sherman. It was so fun!!