Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm a horrible blogger

I keep forgetting about my 'blog'... :D, so I'll just randomly update.

Brian is back to work!! He finally got his surgery, and is doing much better. Its nice to see him be happy to be useful again, doing something he enjoys and is really good at, and to be at a company that appreciates him.

Connor is still frustratingly wonderful. He's talking more and more, counts to 12 by himself every now & then. He doesn't like for me to 'teach' him things, he's still very independent. He loves music, loves to dance, still loves his cars & super heros.

Camy is pretty much off and running. She'll be one in 3 weeks, where has the year gone?? She follows directions now, ie Camy go get me that diaper please... simple stuff. She does a really good 'stink face', gives kisses and is currently getting another tooth, which will be her 5th. She adores Connor, and tries to do everything he does, which irritates him to no end.

PLUMP is doing very well. I closed for customs to try & plan the kids bday parties, though I'm not getting very far on that. LOL. I'm still stocking on several congos', 4 this month.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Big Tears & First Steps

So... I've been really lax on posting lately, like really really. Its tax season, and I guess I don't have much other than taxes running thru my brain right now. EXCEPT for the fact that my not quite 9 month old daughter just took her first, and second step!! Ohhh holy cow, we're in so much trouble with her. I missed the first one, though Brian got to see it, and he missed Connor's first steps, so I guess we've traded off. He came quick to get me to see the second one though, which I really appreciate. :)

Last night, Connor & Camy were having issues sleeping. Camy was asleep, Connor was supposed to be sleeping. Camy started crying & Connor asked me if I wanted him to go check on her (check on Camy mommy??). I was working so told him to go have daddy check her. Next thing I hear (our bedroom is across the hall from my office) is this... "Camy, you're awake, ohh, so sorry you're crying, woah, big tears, lemme wipe them off, dont cry, dont cry, uggh, be right back!!" Then he comes running in my office & says "mommy, my sister crying. She has big tears. i better go check on her. Uh oh, camy has more tears." LMAO, I love my kids.