Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Editing out the fatass

I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror and realized that for the first time in a LONG time, I am happy with where I am, fitness wise. That doesn't mean that I think I'm hot, or that I'm done drinking my fat burning coffee, just that I can look in the mirror and see me, instead of seeing some lumpy fat ass. I'm actually changing my exercise reminder that's been in my phone for over a year, to remove the 'fatass' reminder... I still have a lot of improvement that I want to make, but if it doesn't happen right away, I'm OK with it. :) 

Monday, June 24, 2013

I really am bad at this...

I started this blog to have a place to post everything that was going on, but everything that was going on didn't leave time to blog about it... so I forgot. LOL. Everything that was going on is still going on, plus some! Our lives are still crazy & busy, and stressful and FUN! I still don't have time, but I still want a record of everything, so we'll try again. :)   Maybe just a little bit at a time...

CAMY just turned THREE! I can't believe it! She's stubborn, and beautiful, and sweet, and potty trained, and just got her first big girl bike. Her fave colors are pink & purple and she loves snails best, of all things.

CONNOR is almost FIVE! That amazes me everytime I think about it. I can't believe I've been a mommy for almost 6 years, if you count the pregnancy. HE is STUBBORN!! smart, sarcastic, SMART, smartalick, sensitive, talented, SO handsome! He makes me want to kiss him & swat him all at the same time. He's got riding with no training wheels DOWN! Jumps his bike & his spark scooter, rides his skateboard ok, is learning to swim SO fast, LOVES to tube, learned how to fish this last weekend, learned bowling a few weekends before. He is saving my sanity by having a bowling birthday instead of a regular party. I don't think I could stand to have another. Camy's was this last weekend and it was so much fun, but SO much work!

Brian is ... I'm tired, I'll leave him out for now. Let's just say I don't regret any day of the last 12+years.

PLUMP is in transition again...

PR is DONE! I just have to get rid of all this crap inventory

BORESHA, my 'new' love... I'll have to introduce 'you' to it... later

NEW house - LOVE! WORK! NEVER will get it decorated!

GPIT - slow season

Max - decrepit :(

Lexi - we're getting along :)

I'm tired, and snnnnnnnoooooooozzzzzzzeeeee...................