Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mr. Snoopafrickenhootie

Mr. SnoopaFrickenhootie, the newest addition to our house. I don't know where his name came from, it just came to me. But, he helped me put Connor to bed last night, helped me tell Connor a story about the red dragon eating all the residents of Perez Town, right next door to Sifnskesville. The residents of Sifnskesville were getting nervous, so asked the local night, Sir Connor, to slay the dragon. So Sir Connor got dressed 'self', got on his horse bullseye, and to make a long story short, slayed the dragon. But not in time to save the pappels (pacifiers). This is Connor's first full day in two years to not have a pappel. He is taking it OK so far, we just blame the dragon for eating them. Is it horrible to lie to your kids??

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