Friday, September 24, 2010

She Rolls!!

I just told Brian that I didn't think Camy was going to keep up with Connor, as far as milestones went. Connor started crawling at 5 months, and started walking at 10 months, so he was definitely an early mover. Camy is 3 months now & hadn't really shown much interest in moving much. Then, I set her down (09/22/10) on her blankey & next thing I know, she's rolled from her back to her tummy!! She had already went from tummy to back, which is easier, or so I'm told. So... I should have just kept my mouth shut. That's just what we need, another small moving target. Other milestones... she's giggling more now, likes to be bounced on my knee. She still sounds stuffy & snorty, so I made an appointment to see a pedi. They were SHOCKED that I didn't have a regular pedi, that she wasn't seen on a regular basis. She asked WHY Camy didn't have a doctor, I told her that she didn't NEED one!! She's growing, meeting milestones & happy, I don't need some overworked, under-qualified clinic doctor to tell me that she looks good. Plus, I'm not entirely decided on the whole vaccination thing yet. Connor is fully vaccinated, but some of the stuff I've read in the last year just scares the hell out of me. Brian's no help, he just says 'whatever you think honey'. Which normally is nice, but I'd like some help with this decision.

Connor is still going to 'school' 3 days a week for half a day. He's pretty upset with us making him go this week. Brian's been home because of his hernia, so Connor's against school. His teacher, Miss Blair, says that daddy gets the brunt of the tantrum. He quiets down about 5 minutes after he gets there. He seems to really like school, & its helping with his speaking & sharing skills. He's getting to 3 & 4 word sentences & LOVES to do everything 'self' now. Today (09/23/10) he wouldn't let me help him in or out of the truck, he's getting so dang big. Ghost light, scary monster tree, ninja diaper, really daddy, Percy the train, ThomaS and LOTS more, he's got the gift of gab, just like his daddy.

Brian finally has an appointment with a general surgeon. I have no clue what we're looking at, but I've got to find a way to bring in at least another $800 a month. He was supposed to be making $1800 minimum, and just found out that his work comp check is going to be around $500 every other week, so, we'll be short another $800 now. We definitely don't have enough in savings to cover that. For those of you wondering how on earth we live on $1800 a month, we DON'T!! The $1800 was just 'his' share of the costs. The remainder unnamed number comes from our savings, since I only really work for 4 months of the year, we save as much as possible when I'm working so that we can make it thru the year. This year... IDK, hopefully we'll squeak by.

PLUMP is doing well. I didn't do as well in the Congo this month as normal (, BUT I went WAY overboard this month. I think I had 30+ dipes up for grabs this time & I usually have about 15. There's still some up, so I discounted them & got another round of sales. I'm working towards hopefully stocking MY store on the 6th of next month. Having my grand re-opening. I still have a pretty hefty customs & wait-list going, along with two reviews from well known bloggers in the CD world. I really need to hire some good help. :D

Did I forget someone?? Oh yeah, the last of us Sifnskes... I am supposed to be involved in a weight loss challenge thru CWCB. The first week I did great & lost 2 pounds. I got busy with Congo & 'forgot' the second week & gained almost a pound back. I haven't done anything this week & have no excuse and am sure I'm gaining again... Ugh. I need some will power to make me use my will power. I'm so lazy when it comes to me.

Well... Camy is now awake again (1:41AM) thanks to Brian's stupid friend calling at 11:40 and disturbing her good sleep time, so I'm off to nurse her & hopefully get her back in bed.

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